Three anonymous stories from the trenches of shared living.

interviews by Julio Jaquez

Dirty Women 

I basically lived in an apartment with 3 girls I had some form of relation to with, but had no relation to each other. I never knew how women could be so uncleanly until the day I visited my neighbor’s apartment filled by men and noticed it was hella clean. Overall, it was just a bad living situation because all 3 of them had boyfriends. I never had any alone time or could walk in my house without seeing one of them tagged alongside with their boyfriends. One of my roommates had a cat that would pee everywhere in the house and, of course, I was the only one who noticed. The whole apartment stunk of cat piss and it seems like the only one who noticed the odor was myself.  When the pee was finally cleaned up, it would always end up being by me. This wasn’t the only thing that caused the apartment to become dirty and disrespected my space. These occurrences traumatized me so much that I ended up living with my mom who recently moved to Eugene. After all that, I would much rather live with a spouse or a friend.

The Rice Cooker

After my 1st year of college, it was finally time to accept the responsibility of renting my first apartment. I was ready to accept the responsibility and everything else that entailed with living on the opposite side of Eugene. From Day 1, it was set in stone amongst my other roommates who had dish duty on specific days. With high expectations, I expected each of us to accomplish our weekly duties. Many of them did, but the dishes often took a backseat. One day, I came home rejoicing after my long day on campus knowing it wasn’t my day to do dishes.  Dishes were stacked. The next day came and nothing had been done about the dishes. Day after day passed and the dishes continued to pile up.

It had been at least a week until the dishes were done – but not everything. About two months after the dish incident, I checked the rice cooker to make a nice rice accompanied with protein-packed chicken. Come to find out that the rice cooker was filled with black mold and maggots. No wonder the kitchen smelled. Because of that incident, we make sure to wash the rice cooker every time.

Those Who Are Closest to You Are Often the Worst

This girl I lived with acted very suspicious and had been known for coming into my room; taking things from it. Before Christmas, I locked the door considering her suspicious past. I wanted to make sure no funny business was going on. While I was gone, I had this feeling that something was going on back in Eugene concerning my apartment. I then proceeded to call the leasing office asking for help and [they] eventually ended up helping me investigate. They found out that my roommate broke down my door and was letting her friend live in my room while I was gone. Once I returned home, I confronted her and she denied everything. With help from the apartment managers, I investigated and found out the apartment’s monitoring cameras caught everything on camera.