words by Hilary Kearns

College is amazing. But it’s also a time of forgetting homework assignments, having trouble studying for finals, or being late for class because you’re still stuck waiting for your drink order at the EMU Starbucks. College can get hard, but the right apps can make it easier. Here are 6 apps that will help you not only survive, but also thrive in college.


For those who worry about getting the Freshmen 15, this app acts a motivator and personal trainer. It has guided video workouts and guided workout plans tailored to  your fitness level and schedule. This app allows you to choose your workout allotment time in five minute increments. Whether you have half an hour or only five minute window between school and work, Sworkit can help keep you motivated and makes cramming a workout into your already busy schedule easier.


Dashlane is perfect for those people who don’t want to take a wallet or purse with them everywhere they go. This app keeps your debit and credit cards on file, lets you choose which card to use when shopping and even provides you the option to keep and track all your receipts right on your phone. It also has built-in encryption software that will protect your passwords and  keep your personal information from getting in the wrong hands so you can buy with confidence.

The Starbucks App

Early classes mean caffeine, but a stop at  Starbucks can involve a long line and an even longer wait for your drink to be ready. Download the Starbucks app so you can order and buy your drink ahead of time on your phone—and skip the line. This will cut your wait time in half and help you get to class caffeinated and on time.

My Study Life

Keeping track of assignments and exams can be hard. My Study Life is a free app that helps you organize your classes, assignments, and exams. With My Study Life, you can get reminders, track your tasks—homework, assignments, reminders— and manage your classes through day and week calendars. This app also allows you to synch your data across your cloud and devices, and it works offline so you don’t have to worry about losing access in the spotty WiFi areas on campus.


As a student, you’ll use canvas every day for homework, checking dates for upcoming quizzes, and turning in assignments. While checking from your computer is good, having an app on your phone is even better. With quick access to CANVAS, you can instantly check grades, email your professors, and even set up notifications for upcoming assignments. It’s a must-have to keep up to date on your classes.


Listastic is an easy to use to-do list app that makes creating lists and tracking them easy. You can make a grocery list, a list of textbooks you need to buy from the Duck Store, or a list of chores that you need to do around your apartment or dorm. You can also share your list with other people who have the app, making dividing groceries and chores with housemates easier than ever. It also helps you collaborate with your classmates on group projects, helping track progress and assign tasks with ease.