Emerald Essentials compiled a top 10 list of stories from Daily Emerald last week. Check them out below, and don’t forget to listen in on Daily Emerald’s podcasts.

  1. (Updated) Schill, Tracy and U.S. Sen. Wyden meet to discuss UO’s sexual assault reporting policy
  2. Science Pick of the Week: UO fungi experts return from Ecuador with multiple new species
  3. Resident tuition rose by 87 percent in ten years: What’s in store for next year’s tuition?
  4. UO Provost Jayanth Banavar talks diversity, student success and his first term at UO
  5. Review: ‘The Post’ should earn a spot among award-winning movies about newspapers
  6. Discography Dive: Flying Lotus distorts genres
  7. Ducks lose the rebounding battle, fall to USC 75-70
  8. With Civil War matchups on horizon, a shift in power gives Ducks the edge
  9. Colussi: New marijuana decision spells trouble for Oregon
  10. Maite Cazorla’s experience on display as Oregon beats Arizona State