Written by Nicole Scopelliti | Photo by Trevor Meyer

Escape the Willamette Valley’s summer heat by exploring raging waterfalls and mossy, old-growth forests. Oregon is home to many impressive falls, each defined by their own unique characteristics. Whether you prefer roaring rapids or gentle streams, this beautiful state offers an expansive variety of crystalline blue cascades that are sure to wow even the most seasoned waterfall explorers. For comprehensive maps and trail guides, visit AllTrails.com.

Sahalie Falls

Visit Sahalie Falls for beautiful views without a rigorous hike. The falls are located an hour and 20 minutes away from Eugene via OR-126, making this natural area a perfect spot for a weekend day trip. Once you arrive at the Sahalie Falls parking lot and information center, you can choose to walk to the viewing deck for a great glimpse of the falls. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can choose to follow the relaxing 2.6 mile hiking loop, which will give you a closer look at the falls and the rapids below it.

Toketee Falls

If you’re looking to snap your next Instagram picture, take a trip to this waterfall. You’ll find a beautiful, two-tiered cascade nestled between towering basalt cliffs and green moss. Toketee Falls is located in the Umpqua National Forest, about an hour east of Roseburg. Upon your arrival to the natural area, you’ll embark on a mellow .8 mile hike that will lead you to the falls and the thrashing water beneath it.

Tumalo Falls

Tumalo Falls offers its visitors an unforgettable excursion in the heart of the Deschutes National Forest, located in Bend. This waterfall makes a pronounced entrance as it crashes between large rock formations and churns into a trail of rapids. The 5.7 mile hike to the falls is scenic, family-friendly and accessible to hikers of all skill levels. There are also ample opportunities to get closer views of the falls, allowing hikers to snap the perfect commemorative photograph.

Ramona Falls

Venture off the beaten path. Although this waterfall is often overlooked, you won’t want to miss out on it this summer. Ramona Falls features many smaller cascades of water, all of which rush down moss-covered basalt formations- it’s located in the Mount Hood National Forest near Rhododendron. The hike to the falls, beginning at the base of Mount Hood, is 6.9 miles long- it’s considered to be a moderately strenuous path, and can be especially difficult for those not accustomed to high altitudes. Expect to spend four to six hours hiking, exploring the falls and checking out the surrounding natural areas.

Salt Creek Falls

Salt Creek Falls is located in Oakridge, making it a prime destination for University of Oregon students. It’s in close proximity to Eugene, it’s easily accessible and of course, it’s breathtakingly beautiful. When you arrive at the site, you’ll find an observation deck located near the parking lot. You may choose to admire the falls from that point, or you can choose to embark on an easy .5 mile hike to the waterfall. There is a $5.00 day-use fee required to visit the falls, so come prepared and ready to relax to the soothing sound of rapids.