Written by Skyla Patton | Photo by Trevor Meyer

There are a lot of holidays college students look forward to: at Christmas, you see your family after a long fall term. Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate your loved ones. On top of that, there are birthdays galore! But there’s one informal holiday that lights up the competition — 4/20! In honor of the greenest of holidays, we asked UO students a few 4/20 related questions. These included their favorite munchies and music, their favorite trending strain and what their plans are for the occasion. Here’s what they said:

“On 4/20, I’m just gonna go to school and finish work, and then smoke in the evening. Cookies ‘n Cream is my favorite strain, but I don’t really have a preference — it’s whatever comes to me. My go-to munchie would have to be chips. I like J Cole, so any of his albums are perfect for stoned listening.” -Heather

“My favorite strain at the moment is probably Purple Kush. It gives me a really great body high, which I love! I actually just bought an O.pen Vape too. It’s a quick and easy way to get high, plus it’s convenient because it doesn’t smell like weed. I like edibles too, because they’re so potent and the high lasts for a while. When I get the munchies, I can eat pretty much anything that is put in front of me…Sour cream and onion chips, ice cream, peanut butter sandwiches are always a good go-to for me. I have no official plans as of now, but I’ll probably just take an edible with my roommate and order Dough Co.” -Ashley

“I don’t have a preference for strain, it’s pretty much whatever is given to me, but I definitely prefer mind highs over body highs. I have a small pipe that’s easy to store, but I do prefer bongs because I think they’re more fun. When I’m high I always crave sweets. Chewy candy, chocolate cake and also cream soda…flavors are so amazing! Chill music goes the best with the feeling of being stoned I think, like Childish Gambino because he’s so funky. But honestly, anything is fine really.  I don’t have plans for the date, but I might get high, who knows? Probably.” -Elizabeth
“My favorite strain is Green Crack, the first time I tried it I stayed up all night and cleaned my room. It made me feel so productive, it was really a great feeling. I pretty much always listen to Badillac (by Together Pangea), but when I’m stoned and listening it’s a whole different experience. It makes you feel like you’re releasing all your frustration with life and feeling powerful and badass. Popcorn is my favorite munchie, and I’ll probably just be studying.” -Frankie