By Gretchen Henderson


Growing up, I watched my mom tend to our picture-perfect garden. She refused to hire gardeners in fear of ruining her masterpiece. Gardening was her form of therapy. There was something about getting her hands deep in dirt to produce a colorful scenery that was rewarding and therapeutic. I also remember strolling through rows of succulents and baby cherry blossom trees in the nursery of Home Depot as my mom sorted and pulled different plants and colors. If your childhood was like mine, or you have a passion to be one with nature, then growing a personal garden has crossed your mind. College is not the ideal time to grow a garden for numerous reasons, like lack of space and limited funds. So although our little apartments may not allow us to be on the next cover of Better Homes and Gardens, we can still have a small slice of the garden dream for a fraction of the price.


You have seen them on windowsill seals and on your hipster friends’ desks. This plant is easy to care for, takes limited space and is budget friendly. If you are a frequent traveler or just can’t seem to remember to water anything, choose the cactus varieties. They can withstand your neglect. Check out Pinterest for some innovative home décor ideas with your new plants. Go crazy with a fish bowl terrarium or keep it simple with a posh pot. Just remember to give those succulents love every once and awhile.

Pierce Street Gardens
Address: 2008 Pierce St, Eugene, OR 97405
Phone: (541) 343-3575
Hours: 10 am–9 pm


Have you ever tried to actually use your stove, yet you don’t seem to have all the herbs and spices? Grow your own! Spices are cheap, easy to grow and accessible when you need one piece of cilantro. You can find herb packets at your local Home Depot or Lowes. With the money you saved, buy some eye-pleasing pots for your plants.

The Home Depot
Address: 1045 Green Acres Rd
Phone: (541) 344-1312
Hours: 5 am–10 pm


They require water once a month and make you look like you have your life together. What more would you want in a plant? They require some sun but not much, making them the perfect plant for the ever-changing Eugene weather. You can find orchids under $10 in a variety of colors and sizes at Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s
Address: 85 Oakway Center, Eugene, OR 97401
Phone: (541) 485-1744
Hours: 8 am–9 pm


Summer is right around the corner, and if you are prone to getting burned, buy an Aloe plant. These guys are an elegant touch to a side table and a lifesaver after a sunny day at the river. Much like succulents, they have limited maintenance. Add some rocks on top of the soil to add a fun touch. If you have a furry pet, remember to keep these out of reach. They are poisonous if ingested. Pierce Street Gardens will hold your attention for an hour with their wide collection of everything succulent and house plant.

Gray’s Garden Center
Address: 737 W 6th Ave, Eugene OR 97402
Phone: (541) 345-1569
Hours: 9 am–6 pm