By Lauren Bruce

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is comedic and sweet way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Main character, Toula, is unmarried and working in her parent’s greek restaurant at 30 years old – a worrisome position from the perspective of her family who wanted her to have been married with kids to a nice Greek boy by her age. Toula falls in love with a travel agent who’s definitely not Greek, sparking an uproar from her traditional Greek family. Available with Amazon Instant Video.

Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns

Struggling single mom, Brenda, juggles two kids, rent and tries desperately to keep her kids off the street. She’s feeling pretty alone and hopeless when, to add insult to injury, she is notified that her father, whom she never actually met, had died. They head out to Georgia, where they find out that there are family members they never knew existed waiting in the Deep South. A great love story, Meet the Browns will keep you laughing and in high spirits this Valentine’s. Available on Amazon Instant Video and Hulu

Date Night

Steve Carell and Tina Fey star in this quirky rom-com as the classic overworked, married, 40-something couple with kids, who have ritualized date nights as a way to preserve the happiness in their marriage. But this date night in particular takes a thrilling turn, when they get caught up in a heist after taking another couple’s reservations in order to get into a popping, uptown city restaurant. Power couple Carell and Fey don’t disappoint in bringing the hilarity to Date Night. Available on Amazon Instant Video.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a reining favorite for good reason. Taking place in the 60s, Holly Golightly played by Audrey Hepburn takes on New York City as a single, charming, party-loving young woman. She struggles with commitment, even to her cat who she refuses to give a name, sorting through suitors and failing to return any of their affections. Her journey to self-discovery is accompanied by comedy, suspense and drama.


Bridesmaids is the perfect quirky comedy for a Valentine’s day in. Love really isn’t perfect, and neither are the best friends that Lillian, played by Maya Rudolph, asks to be her bridesmaids. And of course, her maid of honor, Annie, is the least perfect of them all, jaunting them along on a wild adventure laden with weird rituals she intends to bring the group closer and result in the perfect experience for Lillian. Craziness ensues. Enjoy! Available on Amazon Instant Video.

The Proposal

A canadian woman played by Sandra Bullock suddenly realizes she’s facing deportation after her visa expires. Wanting to stay in the states, she hatches a scheme to con a guy named Andrew into marrying her. Devious, comical and ultimately sweet, The Proposal is a Valentine’s Day classic. Available on Amazon Instant Video.

The Great Gatsby (2013)

Anyone who loves the story of Great Gatsby will love the thrilling special effects that the 2013 remake embarks. The story is told through young and quiet Nick Carraway, who unknowingly moves in next door one of the wealthiest men in Boston. Jay Gatsby, played by Leonardo Dicaprio, takes a liking to Nick, letting him into his life and giving him a formal invitation to one of his extravagant parties he throws on Saturday nights. Nick is given an insight into Gatsby’s life, and specifically his tortured past. The Great Gatsby is a story of love and heartbreak that has surpassed the curtails of time. Available on Amazon Instant Video.

Hidden Figures

If you haven’t yet seen Hidden Figures, maybe this Valentine’s day you’ll feel like going out to a movie that’ll keep you on your toes. This historical film documents the real life women that made the first trip to the moon possible. A much needed, and rarely told story, seeing Hidden Figures with some close friends or maybe even a fun date will make your Valentine’s one a memorable one. And it’s up for three Oscars, including best picture, not to mention it’s already won the Screen Actors Guild award. Available in theaters.


A twisted mystery, killer love story and definitely not your average chick flick. Often said to be the Mean Girls of the 80s, the Heathers are the cliquiest of cliques that reside in a high school in Ohio. They’re known to be the prettiest, meanest of girls, and have claimed many victims in their reign. But one of their members played by Winona Ryder has had enough of their mess, and along with her danger-loving boyfriend, plots to take them all down, no matter the expense. Check it out on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, or Hulu.

Meet the Patels

This real life love story will have your heart soaring. The documentary follows Ravi Patel, a single, pushing 30 year old man living in the states who after having his heart broken by an American woman, returns to India to explore the tradition of Patels marrying other Patels. This Valentine’s day follow Ravi every step of the way as he finds love through a memorable journey. Available on Amazon Instant Video.