Written by Sam Styles | Photo by Trevor Meyer

Some people buy gifts, others painstakingly sacrifice their time in the pursuit of the ultimate personalized gift, and some people just love a good crafting session. All three kinds of people can benefit from a few good DIY ideas. The holiday season calls for a downpour of gifts, and if you can make a few of them yourself, all the better. Thankfully for those short on ideas, a person of great DIY knowledge and wisdom such as myself is here to lead the way to holiday nirvana. Gifts generally fall into two categories: the small and plentiful, and the large and few. I have ideas for both.

Hot Cocoa Ornament

A lot of these ideas are going to start with this statement: swing by the Dollar Tree. So do just that, and while you’re there, pick up clear plastic ornaments, chocolate cocoa mix, marshmallows and peppermint sticks. Crunch up the peppermint sticks, add all the ingredients to to an ornament, and you have a stocking stuffer in under 30 seconds. And the best part: they can use it as decoration and eat it too!

Personalized Mugs

You will need a white mug, a paint pen and letter stencils. Take the first letter of your friend’s name and put it on the side of a white mug. Start dotting all along the edge of the letter heavily at first and then lighter the farther you get from the edge of the letter. Once you are done dotting, peel the letter back and you will have an amazing outline that will be sure to dazzle the eye.

Picture Web

What a better gift for a friend than reminding them of memories you’ve shared throughout the year. Pick up some thick thread and clothes pins. Weave the thread through the clothes pins and tie the ends off to push pins, now find some great photos of you and your friend and print them off at the nearest Target. You have created a super simple way of displaying your best memories and it looks great hanging from a wall.

Save on Gift Wrapping

On Amazon, a 900-foot roll of butcher paper costs 25 dollars. 900 feet is enough wrapping paper for at least the next ten holidays. Once you have it, roll out a stretch and get to painting. Draw patterns, place hand prints, make a stamp and then let the whole mess dry. Now your wrapped gifts with be personalized in and out.