Camille Lieurance


Nothing ruins a good moment faster than a bad smell. Unfortunately, college life attracts some truly disturbing olfactory offenses. I’ve been in bedrooms that reeked of bong water and bad bellybutton, kitchens that smelled like stale beer, and bathrooms that reeked of urine with undertones of axe body spray. The sense of smell inherently affects hunger, sexual desire and one’s attraction to others. Research shows that mood and productivity are improved in the presence of certain smells. Because we are social animals, we want to attract others and keep them from fleeing our dwellings. One of my biggest fears is having my home smell of stale pepperoni that hints of a thousand desperately ordered cheap pizzas. When people walk in the door of my home, I want them to think, “Wow, this apartment smells deliciously inviting; she must really have her life together!”



Candles come in every scent, shape and color. Their smells range from felony deserved offenses to dreamlike aromatic bliss. Finding the right fit for your space can be a tricky game. Luckily, there are many places in Eugene that will exceed your candle lighting expectations. Stores like Twist and Jambo are perfect places to start in your quest to match the right scent to you. Prices can get a little steep, but it is important to know that when purchasing a candle with a high price tag, the longevity of the burn and quality of smell are unmatched to their cheap Dollar Store counterparts. Not to mention, candlelight is the perfect way of setting the mood for a romantic moments, a quiet night in or a good old fashioned séance.



For as long as hippies have inhabited Eugene, incense has wafted through every corner of the town. The fragrant ancient material that releases aromatic smoke is found at the tomb of Tutankhamen and is also present at any local head shop. Incense can be purchased at most natural food stores, head shops, or body shops and they are a quick way to cover any less than pleasant aroma.



This is the perfect way of releasing wonderful smelling aromas without all the fuss. Just plunge the wooden sticks into a jar of fragrant oil and you are good to go for up to weeks on end. This is the perfect solution to repel bad smells for those that are in the dorms and are not allowed to have open flames.


Room Sprays

Remember the cool ambience of your favorite expensive gift store? Recreate the essence of happiness and luxury with room spray. When time is short and your significant other’s parents are due for their first visit, room spray can be employed to good use as your honored visitors make deep connections between you and your sophisticated fragrance.